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Horticultural Charcoal

Horticultural Charcoal is a truly superior alternative. Gardeners have long
been aware of the benefits of charcoal as an organic soil conditioner:

Top Quality soil improver - Sweetens the soil or compost
Retains moisture in light soils
Improves drainage and conditions heavy soils
Prevents water stagnation in ponds etc.
Excellent mulch or top dressing
Helps warm the soil and deters slugs and snails
Improves nutrient uptake from soil
Light-weight and moisture retentive, perfect for hanging baskets, pot plants or bottle gardens
Horticultural charcoal consists of the smaller particles or fines of English hardwood species
High in potash with a ph value of 8.5 the charcoal should be used approximately one part to every 15 of soil
Totally Organic and does not contain binders

Planting Tips

Common Uses

Very Fine Grade Charcoal
.01 - 3mm

Very fine ideal for lawns

Fine Grade Charcoal
3mm - 5.5mm

Ideal for seedlings, bottle gardens, potting, turf dressing, etc

Medium Grade Charcoal
5.5mm - 12mm

Ideal for Orchids, Vanda Orchinds or potting mix


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